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North Atlantic Logbook

Looking at "Big Time"... from 20,000 BC onward

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6 June
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Besides singing and recording acoustic music (ensembles, chamber music, world music and sacred music from numerous cultures) I travel back-and-forth between old Munster (and old-old Munster) in southeast Ireland and North America.

I really want to know the workings of the County Limerick landscape. Who was it who began the centuries of community ritual on various hilltops and lakesides that persists to this day? This question has led me quite beyond Ireland - and also to some surprising finds right inside Ireland... that will perhaps shed light on what is called the early and middle Bronze Age of ancient Ireland.

And what is beyond Ireland? Certainly and almost symbiotically (both through the effect of its volcanoes and the shared rituals of its early inhabitants) there is Iceland. Add also northern Scandinavia and the Sa'ami with their enigmatic seagoing past. And then lastly, there is the very real and quite consequential Hy Breasil - maternal home of the long ago scattered "Hyperboreans"... who possibly became the mentors of the tragically lost Tuatha Dé Danann.

Now THAT is what interests me. That, and tsunamis in the north Atlantic. Yes. Hopefully those in the future (like those of the past) will be foreseen so no great harm comes to coastal communities of Ireland and Scotland.

I do original field research right in Ireland, and travel over at least twice a year. The work includes both on-the-ground surveys of places of old ritual and habitation, meeting with spirit, communal awe and personal supplication.

Add to that much time visualizing, dreaming, imagining, drawing and remembering... as well as asking, listening, and inviting others to step in with me. What a world. It could mean into relationship with some very old principles - principles that I still don't understand, but which impress themselves upon me and all who travel to this place.

There is beauty, fairness, firm justice and transformation hidden in the North Munster network of old hills and waters.

In this ancient land of Sun and Stone... before the brighter, grander, louder and more exhuberant Milesian Celts held sway... there was already a steady hum of some kind of harmony, awakened and hard at work. It has not gone to sleep. The pre-Celts and Celts loved it and used it in great gusto. And it still remains, awakening easily... ready for engagement, enthrallment and play.

Find more on my professional life here --- View Michael Cerulli Billingsley's profile on LinkedIn

Affiliations: International Permafrost Association, Irish Spiritual Heritage Association, American Geophysical Union, Irish Film and Television Academy, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN), Audio Engineering Society, Drigung Kagyü Office - Tibetan Buddhism (Ngakpa K. Jigme Tonpa, Dharma Mule - at your service), Shared-Sufficiency, HumanSafe, http://www.twitter.com/redactyl i>
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