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Strong Winter Cyclones persist - emerge
prehistoric, bone, totem, incised, BearGod
As the winter just gets underway, yet another new winter cyclone has strengthened and deepened just west of Hudson Bay today. Again, this new Low is already down below 980 millibars (978 as of noon EST on 29 December).

Isobar source image - Environment Canada (modification - MCB)

The earlier post-Christmas storm still hovers over the Maritimes, slowly edging its way toward Labrador, and after having dipped down to 969 millibars on Tuesday, 28 December, it has just barely nudged back to 970 millibars today - the 29th. High winds persist on both the western and eastern quarters, in contrast to a small but organised High (fed as of today by south-westerly winds) positioned between the two cylones).

When the central U.S. High pushes the earlier cyclonic storm away from land it may acquire new energy - and if so, may pose major new problems for Iceland and certainly for Scotland and England, who have already had their share of troubles. The spate of Extra-Tropical Winter Cyclones is seemingly just getting underway, and their ferocity is daunting.

Swiss RE continues an analysis of the potential cost of this newly-emerging hazard to North American and particularly north-western Europe. The causes and mechanics of these stronger storms are still not completely understood, but they are posing a serious obstacle to "business as usual" during the winter months. See their perspective, below...

"Turbulent times ahead in Europe: Climate change will lead to more frequent winter storms" -

All original writing (cc) Creative Commons Limited Copyright (Sharable with attribution) 2010 Michael Cerulli Billingsley

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Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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